Part-time sheriffs most commonly provide cover for permanent sheriffs who may be away from business on annual or sick leave; or attending judicial training or conferences. They also help to cover additional work which may arise from time to time in the court programme. Under legislation, a maximum of 80 part-time sheriffs may hold office at any one time.


Judicial Office for Scotland


The Judicial Office for Scotland directs the deployment (use) of part-time sheriffs in response to requests for assistance submitted by court staff. Part-time sheriffs may sit in any of the sheriff courts in Scotland, except in the court district containing their main place of business. However, as with all judiciary, they would be expected to decline jurisdiction in any case where a conflict of interest might arise.


Court business



They undertake the same range of business as permanent sheriffs, covering summary and solemn criminal business and matters coming before the civil courts. However, they do not deal with out-of-hours applications or the administrative functions permanent sheriffs may exercise. They are paid a daily fee directly equivalent to one day of a permanent sheriff’s salary. They may also attend certain courses and events hosted by the Judicial Institute for Scotland.


Part-time Sheriffs' Association


Part-time sheriffs in Scotland have formed an independent association which represents, safeguards and promotes the interests and welfare of their members and considers matters relating to the law and the administration of justice in Scotland. Read more about the Part-time Sheriffs' Association.




Read more about how part-time sheriffs are appointed.

Part-time Sheriff
Bovey KC, Mungo
Bryson, Gillian
Carr, Robert
Clapham, David
Duguid KC, Ian
Ferguson, Donald
Grant-Hutchison, Peter
Hall, David
Hamilton KC, Duncan
Jones, Gareth
Khurana, Dr Vinit
Lindsay, Mark
MacLeod KC, Murdo
MacMillan, Gerard
Manson, Scott
Marney, Christian
McCall, Shelagh
Mulgrew, James
Primrose KC, Graham
Reid, Paul
Scott KC, Janys
Sinclair, Gerard
Smith KC, Catherine
Stewart, Mark
Thorley, Mark
Vaughan, Robert
Webster, Andrew