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Lay justice

Justices of the peace are lay people which means they are not legally qualified but are supported by legally qualified advisors.


Lay person

A person who does not necessarily have professional or specialised knowledge in a particular subject


Lay representative in civil cases

Someone who is authorised by you to help you prepare and conduct a civil legal action

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Lord Advocate

The senior law officer responsible for the prosecution of crime and investigation of deaths in Scotland, and the principal legal adviser to the Scottish Government. Referred to as "Her Majesty's Advocate" in criminal matters and the "Lord Advocate" in civil matters.


Lord Justice Clerk

The second most senior judge in Scotland. S/he presides over the Second Division of the Court of Session.


Lord Justice General of Scotland

The most senior criminal judge, president of the High Court of Justiciary. This position is held by the Lord President of the Court of Session (see below).


Lord President of the Court of Session

The most senior civil judge in Scotland and the head of the Scottish judiciary. S/he also holds the position of Lord Justice General of Scotland (see above).