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This is a document setting out the charge(s) of crimes against an accused in more serious cases. A case on indictment is heard by a judge sitting with a jury in the High Court (in the most serious cases), or with a jury in the sheriff court. Cases tried on indictment are known as solemn proceedings. Cases heard before a sheriff, summary sheriff or justice of the peace sitting alone without a jury are heard under summary proceedings.

Inner House


The Court of Session is Scotland's supreme civil court. It is divided into the Outer House and the Inner House. The Inner House is primarily the appeal court. It reviews decisions, mostly from the Outer House but also from the sheriff courts, the tribunals, and other bodies. It is divided into two permanent divisions. The First Division is chaired by the Lord President, while the Second Division is chaired by the Lord Justice Clerk. These two judges have a wide range of responsibilities and, when neither is available to sit in court, an Extra Division is set up and chaired by the next most senior judge.