Taxation As applied to solicitors' or advocates' fees, including those incurred in court proceedings, means the scrutiny of the account by the Auditor of Court to exclude or amend items unjustifiably included or excessively charged.

Teinds Tithes – the tenth part of the annual produce of land out of which a minister's wage was originally payable.

Temporary judge A lawyer, sheriff principal or sheriff appointed to sit as an additional judge on a temporary basis in the High Court of Justiciary or the Court of Session.

Temporary Release

This is when the Scottish Prison Service gives a prisoner unescorted access to the community for a short time. This is usually for 1 day, but can be up to 8 days. For more information on why temporary release is given, see the Scottish Prison Service website.

Terce The widow's legal right of dower in real estate.

Third party (1) The name of a party brought into civil proceedings by a defender because that third party may be liable in addition to or instead of the defender to the pursuer.

(2) Someone other than the parties to a transaction.

Tithe The tenth part of the increase annually arising from the profits of land and stock, allotted to the clergy.

Trial Criminal proceedings (when an accused person has pled not guilty) where the court hears the evidence of witnesses to the alleged crime(s).

Trial diet The day on which a trial on indictment or on summary complain in criminal proceedings at which evidence is to be led will be heard.

Tribunal A person or body of persons other than a court of law, having power to determine claims or disputes of some particular nature.

Tutor  or tutrix The former title of the guardian of an infant.


When an accused person pleads not guilty to a crime, the case will go to trial. This is a proceeding where the court hears evidence from witnesses speaking to the alleged crime. At the end of the trial either a jury (in more serious cases) or a judge sitting alone (in less serious cases) will decide whether the prosecutor has proven the guilt of the accused or not.

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